“We will win!”: Mass media report about Trump’s plans to run in 2024.


The media write that Donald Trump intends to run for president again in 2024. At the same time, the head of the White House has not yet admitted defeat and is challenging the results of the elections in courts. The president said he had assembled a team of lawyers in this case before the election. However, his fight has not yet led to any results. However, Trump’s attempts may not be based on contesting the election results at all, experts believe. On November 11, U.S. President Donald Trump supported the reelection of the head of the National Committee of the Republican Party Ronna McDaniel to her post.

According to Reuters, citing sources, so the head of the White House is preparing the ground to run for president in 2024.

“I am pleased to report that I fully supported and approved Ronna McDaniel to continue to chair the Republican Party National Committee. With 72 million votes, we got more votes than any incumbent president in U.S. history – and we will win! – Trump wrote on his Twitter account.
Biden assembled a team to transit power

The National Committee members are due to meet in January to vote for the candidates for president. The vote will be a measure of how far Donald Trump has kept his influence within the Republican Party.

Source Reuters reports that the president has already informed his entourage about his intention to run for president in 2024. Announce the decision Trump can at the end of the year.

Earlier, the same reported Axios with reference to sources. The agency said that this information is an important indicator that Trump has already realized his defeat in the current elections, despite his statements about his willingness to fight to the end and challenge the result in court.

The U.S. Constitution allows the same person to hold the office of president for no more than two terms (whether consecutive or at half-time). According to the publication, quite a number of Republicans are considering participating in the presidential race of 2024, including Vice President Mike Pence.

As noted by Reuters, usually the candidate who lost the election does not affect the election of the head of the National Committee. Officially, the election results have not yet been announced, but the U.S. media have already given the victory to Joe Biden. Donald Trump contests the election results and is not going to admit defeat.

The former vice president is 5.1 million votes ahead of his rival. In total, he won more than 80 million votes, which was a record in U.S. history. By the number of votes of electors Biden has already overcome the necessary bar. As it follows from the calculations of Reuters, he has 279 votes of electors with the necessary to win 270 votes. At Trump – 217. Politico awards the former vice president 290 votes.

The head of the White House almost immediately refused to recognize the victory of his competitor. In U.S. history, none of the losing candidates for president refused to recognize the results of the election. Usually, candidates make a public statement to recognize the defeat immediately after their rivals gain 270 votes.
Trump's chances of staying in the White House are gradually increasing

The president claims that republican observers were not allowed to the polling stations in Michigan, while in Pennsylvania illegal ballots were counted. His headquarters called for a recount in Georgia and other states where Biden was less than 0.5 percentage points away from Trump.

The presidential campaign office is already trying to challenge the election results in court. Lawsuits have been filed in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Nevada, and Georgia. Trump wrote on his Twitter on November 10 that “there is already a lot of progress” in that direction, and Americans will see the results next week.

But neither the president nor his lawyers have yet provided any evidence publicly. Trump’s attorneys have not won trials in key states where Biden is winning – Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, and Nevada. In some cases, Trump’s team failed to provide the evidence needed to invalidate the ballots. In other cases, the president’s team did not even send the necessary documents.

As noted by the President of IMEMO RAS, Alexander Dynkin, in a conversation with Gazeta.ru, Trump still has no chance of a positive outcome of the proceedings.

“According to the law, if the gap is less than half a percent, the votes will be recalculated, and without his claims, it will be, say, in the state of Georgia. But as a rule, these recalculations show that the difference can be 300, well, 500 votes, but not more. So, maybe he will be able to achieve somewhere, even say, if he gets the advantage in Pennsylvania in his favor, that a very large staff in terms of voters – there are 20 voters – but still, he will not be enough,” – said the expert.
The gap between candidates is large enough: to eliminate it, Trump needs to achieve recalculations in several states at once and in each of them to get tens of thousands of new voters. However, in Arizona, for example, the Trump team’s lawsuit claimed that polling station staff had “incorrectly rejected” less than 200 ballots. That is, even if the lawsuit was successful, the maximum that the president could count on was 200 votes, provided that all those ballots voted for him.

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In Pennsylvania, representatives of Trump’s headquarters referred to the fact that the local authorities illegally extended the terms of consideration of the postal ballots, and observers from the Republicans were not allowed to the polling stations. According to the BBC Russian Service, we are talking about 8,000 ballots – even if they are declared invalid, it will not affect the results of the voting in the state.

“If they had valid legal claims that would affect thousands of votes in one fell swoop, they would engage them. Without that, they’re hoping that a series of small wins, if any, will eventually lead to something significant,” said Richard Pildes, an NYU law expert who teaches at Politico.

According to the publication, citing sources in the Republican Party, reports of fraud are largely a political game. The goal of this strategy is not only to undermine the legitimacy of Joe Biden’s victory but also to mobilize supporters for the second round of the Georgia senatorial elections. There, the winner was undecided, and it is likely that the outcome of the Georgia elections will determine who will gain control of the upper house of Congress. In addition, reports of fraud are intended to sow seeds of doubt about the legitimacy of elections among supporters of the Republican Party, Politico writes.
Melanie and Trump

According to Alexander Dynkin, Trump, fighting for the recount, is indeed not only aimed at affecting the election results.

“[He is trying] to send a signal to his electorate that there is no need to lose heart, we must continue to consolidate around the Republican Party and look ahead to the elections of 2022 [to Congress] and 2024,” the expert believes.

The U.S. president’s intentions to challenge the results have already been publicly supported by the Republican majority leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, Attorney General William Barr. Former Republican President George W. Bush, Jr. also stated that Trump had the right to seek a recount.

The tactics chosen by the Republicans seem to be already working, at least on the issue of trust in procedural transparency. According to Politico poll results, 70% of Republican Party supporters said they didn’t believe that the elections were fair. Before the voting day, only 35% responded in this way.

Even before the election, Trump said that he had already assembled a team of lawyers who were ready to challenge the results. The President claimed that early voting by mail would provide an opportunity for mass fraud, and accordingly the head of the White House and his team were preparing to fight in case of their defeat. However, no strategy to challenge the results has been seen yet.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s campaign headquarters also intends to go to court. The former vice president is dissatisfied with the fact that the head of the U.S. Federal General Services Administration is in no hurry to start the process of power transfer. The formal announcement of election results by the government is considered to be the signing by the head of this agency of documents for the transfer of power.