What is Putin up to? Russian Navy’s actions near Syria have caused alarm among Turks

By | August 24, 2020
What is Putin up to? Russian Navy's actions near Syria have caused alarm among Turks

In the Eastern Mediterranean, there is an increased activity of the Russian navy, causing alarm not only for the Turkish special services but also at British bases in Cyprus. This is reported by the Greek news agency Pentapostagma.

Currently, the Russian Navy has at least 9 weapons in the region, 4 of which are warships and 3 are submarines.

A similar activity is observed today at Hmeimim airbase, as well as in Idlib province, which may indicate the imminent beginning of large-scale hostilities. This was previously reported by the Syrian media.

Judging by the radio silence, the Russian Navy warships are preparing for operations in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, which is of particular concern to the Turks – what could Putin think? Some Russian experts believe that it is possible to talk about preparations for special military action, although there were no official comments on this issue. Such activity of the Russian fleet in the area of the presence of warships of France, Greece, and Turkey causes serious concern for Erdogan.

This morning, a Russian transport plane flew to Syria to deliver additional weapons after it became known about the mobilization of forces of the 4th Syrian Motorized Brigade – it plans to strike the areas of al-Muzayrib, al-Yadud. Tell Shihab, Harab al-Shahm, al-Fawar, Saizun, al-Ajmi in western Daraa province. Facilities in Idlib, where hundreds of Turkish soldiers and 450 weapons systems were relocated yesterday, will also be attacked.

In this regard, the recent death of a Russian brigadier general, which angered the Kremlin, comes to mind. According to some Russian media, Ankara may be involved in this murder.

The Russians have their own plans in the Mediterranean, and they do not want to establish Turkish sovereignty here – Russia does not want to lose its “clients” in the region, as well as naval routes to Suez, which may soon be opened.

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