What is the revolutionary T-14 modernization program?

By | August 30, 2020
What is the revolutionary T-14 modernization program?

Serial production of the Armata T-14 obt has already begun and in the next five years, the Russian army will receive a large number of such tanks. At the same time, the development of new technologies and design improvement continues and is proceeding at a rapid pace. Moreover, a revolutionary program to modernize existing tanks has already been proposed, Military Watch reports.

Specialists of the 38th Research and Testing Institute of Armored Vehicles and Weapons propose to integrate a 152 mm cannon into a heavy tank. This would significantly increase the firepower of the OBT, replacing the current 125 mm cannon. In the past, such a question was raised repeatedly, the Russians even had a program “T-95”, but the construction of lighter tanks could not withstand loads.

Armata’s size allows it to carry a large weapon, and if the integration is successful, the Russian tank will gain a serious advantage over all existing tanks of NATO countries that use a 120 mm cannon.

The uninhabited tower of the T-14 today is quite unique and is one of the main features that distinguish it from the third generation OBT. Armata is undoubtedly one of the three fourth-generation tanks on the planet (along with the Korean K2 and the Japanese Type 10).

Experts of the institute also proposed to modernize the turret for the integration of missiles based on the principle of “shot, forget and fired again”, as well as to install an on-board reconnaissance and relay drone and expand the list of ammunition at the expense of supersonic sub-caliber armor-piercing projectiles. In addition, the T-14 is proposed to be equipped with a system of automatic detection and hitting of targets in the likely areas of tank convergence at a distance of up to 1 km, as well as laser equipment for disabling incoming anti-tank guided missiles and a remote clearance system for anti-tank mines.

In addition, the T-14 wants to equip a new, more efficient engine with a capacity of 1500 hp, dual manual control of both weapons and powertrain. It was even suggested that the toilet should be integrated for long-range missions, protection from laser, electromagnetic and microwave weapons, and “transparent armor” capable of automatically identifying targets up to 6 km away.

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