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What threats to Putin are Trump impeachment?

What threats to Putin are Trump impeachment?

Thirteen months before the next U.S. presidential election, the Democratic Party announced the start of impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump. This was announced by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. “The president must be held accountable for his actions. No one is above the law,” the politician said.

The reason for the removal of the American president was Trump’s alleged attempt to use the Ukrainian authorities to compromise his main rival in the upcoming elections – Joe Biden. In addition, Trump tried to cover up these actions, Democrats assure.

Trump denies the accusations and considers it a “total witch hunt.” “They didn’t even see the transcript of the conversation,” he rebuked his opponents, referring to his conversation with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, who blamed him. The White House later released the transcript. And on Trump’s orders.

Recall, the American media, and after they and Democrats accuse Trump that he tried to convince Zelinsky to start an investigation against Hunter Biden (son of Joe Biden), who worked for himself with considerable personal benefit in Ukraine, using father’s official position. According to the transcript, green sky, he agreed to do so.

Until recently, Biden Sr. was considered the top Democratic contender in the presidential election. His approval rating was 50 percent and Trump’s was 42 percent. However, after the accusations against his son, the politician ceded the primacy to his party colleague Senator Elizabeth Warren.
What threats to Putin are Trump impeachment?

Thus, Trump’s impeachment is pouring water on Joe Biden’s political mill. Unsurprisingly, he fervently backed the start of the procedure, urging Trump to release a transcript of his conversation with Green. Trump’s rival in the last election, Hillary Clinton, was also pleased. Since Biden was the curator of U.S. foreign policy at a time when the Ukraine crisis escalated and is a bigger hawk in this regard than Trump, Russia, which wants to end the conflict in its interests, is preferable to the re-election of the incumbent president for a new term.

In addition, Trump is a supporter of a certain isolation of the United States. He had just given a speech at the UN, where he called on peoples and countries to abandon globalism in favor of nationalism. For Russia, which is aspiring and actively building a multipolar world, such a line of Washington is rather beneficial.

The consequences of the impeachment procedure against Trump could threaten our country were told by the EXPERTS of the SP.

Konstantin Blokhin, an American political scientist and expert at the Center for Security Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, believes that the goal of the Democrats is not to weaken the American president’s position before the upcoming elections.

“Starting the impeachment process does not mean that it is possible to formalize it to the end. In order to remove Trump from the political podium, two-thirds of the senate’s support votes are needed. And the U.S. Senate is now up to the Republicans. He’s called “Trump’s party.” If they sign up to this, it will be political suicide for them.

Moreover, there is no real evidence of Trump’s guilt. If there were tapes during the Watergate, now it’s just faking. Someone somewhere allegedly heard that Trump was pressing on Zelinsky. It should also be taken into account that the impeachment procedure is too long and lasts a year and a half. That means Trump will serve until his presidency.
trump impeachment

Why did all this start now, not before?

“Probably to try to do Trump image damage before the election.” And that would increase Joe Biden’s prospects. Democrats are mostly betting on him, considering Biden a political heavyweight. Although he’s not the only one willing to challenge Trump. The initiators of impeachment believe that it will be difficult for Americans to vote for the president against whom such a procedure is announced.

There is a considerable reason for this. And so, according to polls, Biden beats Trump…

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Yes, Biden is in the lead right now. But Trump’s rating has always been low, as he is “pushed” by the media, constantly discussed certain scandals. But when the polling hour runs, when voters have to make a choice, Trump’s approval rating may change.

“One way or another, the process has gone… What do you think the United States is going to do?

“This could undermine the confidence of voters and citizens in the effectiveness of American institutions. The United States is already in a systemic crisis. Their military power, economic influence in the world, in the state apparatus of personnel, scandals, leaks, etc., and in the past, it all worked as a well-coordinated clock mechanism.

Trump would have long been impeached if there was a consensus in American society. He’s just not here. There’s a split. Plus, Trump himself has strengthened his domestic political positions: Mueller’s report turned out to be a bubble, the president enlisted the support of the MIC, the influential pro-Israel lobby, the Republican Party itself and a strong supra-party movement of neoconservatives. Despite Bolton’s resignation, there are still many of their representatives in the Trump administration.

According to political scientist Alexander Asafov, Russia is preferable to Donald Biden as president of the United States to end the Ukrainian conflict.

The likelihood of Trump’s impeachment is close to zero. In the entire history of his presidency, this word sounds constantly. That is the context of the investigation of prosecutor Mueller, then in the context of the wall with Mexico, then in the context of refugee children from Honduras, etc. But there are no results.

Let us remember that eight previous attempts to lead the President of the United States to impeach the united States ended inconclusively. In fact, the Democrats themselves do not hide that they only want to try this procedure.
Trump's impeachment.
“But the reason they chose for this is Ukraine, we Russians care…

Trump is going to use the Ukraine factor in his campaign. The U.S. president’s conversation with Green sky clearly contains material against his main opponent Joe Biden. By prolonging this intrigue, Trump is forcing Congress to demand the publication of this transcript, attracting additional attention and excitement, rather than doing it himself.

But even regardless of Trump’s attitude to the Ukraine dossier, it will be loud in a future election campaign. I think the whole format of the U.S.-Ukrainian discussions will be set by this. Trump will demand that Kyiv publish information about Biden Jr.’s adventures in Ukraine and show that there is something unclean. I don’t think there’s any evidence of serious corruption, but it will create a negative context in which Trump will simply drown his opponent.
What threats to Putin are Trump impeachment?

SP: How important is the figure of the future U.S. president to Russia to end the conflict in Ukraine? Trump or Biden don’t care?

“Absolutely important. Despite the fact that Ukraine is used to pressure Russia, much depends on the president in this vein. Thus, the shadow manager of Ukraine Kolomoisky (although in Kyiv and deny it) under Trump will be in the U.S. persona non grata. There will be criminal cases against him. This will cause serious difficulties in relations between Kyiv and Washington.

And maybe then we can start to negotiate. This possibility is now limited. The President of Ukraine has to listen to the Americans on the one hand and Kolomoisky on the other. This prevents him from spending efforts on anything other than the inertial continuation of Poroshenko’s policy towards Russia. The new reality will create opportunities for us.

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