What Trump Said to Green and Why He Faces Impeachment

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Opponents of the incumbent American president seem to be even more determined than in the case of accusations of collusion with Russia
Trump accused of betrayal

Democrats still decided to try to impeach U.S. President Donald Trump. First, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi met behind closed doors with several Democratic representatives. She then went to reporters and announced that Congress had launched a formal impeachment investigation into the incumbent White House chief.

The president must be held accountable. No one can be above the law,

Pelosi said. She said Trump betrayed his own office, the security of the country and the integrity of the American election. She also said she had ordered six lower house committees to investigate Trump.
What Trump Said to Green and Why He Faces Impeachment

The basis for the accusations against the American leader is his conversation with the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky in July, during which the head of the White House allegedly pressured him to start an investigation against the son of the candidate in U.S. President Joe Biden – Hunter Biden. The conversation coincided with the White House’s unexpected $250 million suspensions of financial aid to Ukraine. In this, the American media see a way to put pressure on Kyiv. According to U.S. media reports, Trump has been pushing for the help of White House lawyer Rudolph eight times during a phone call with Greensky. Giuliani (aka the former mayor of New York) in the investigation against Biden Jr. During Petro Poroshenko’s presidency, Hunter Biden served on the board of directors of the Ukrainian gas company Burisma Holdings. In April 2019, The Hill published information according to which Ukrainian law enforcement agencies suspected Biden Jr. of taking bribes from the leadership of Burisma. As a result, Joe Biden, who at that time was the vice president of the United States, demanded from the Kyiv authorities to remove from the post of Attorney General Viktor Shokin, otherwise, Ukraine would be left without financial assistance from the U.S. side. Juliani He said previous Ukrainian authorities had “laundered three million dollars” by transferring them to Biden Jr. According to him, the round sum, before getting into the American bank, went through the banks of Latvia and Cyprus. “Did President Obama know that his vice president, responsible for providing billions of dollars to Ukraine, has a son who has received millions from the board of directors of one of Ukraine’s most corrupt companies?” asked the personal question. Trump’s lawyer.” Presidential harassment”

In Kyiv, they have already denied the information that the conversation between Trump and Zelensky took place in this way. In particular, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Vadim Pristaiko called the conversation between the two presidents “long and friendly.” According to him, several questions were raised during the course of it, which “sometimes one has to have serious answers”, but there is no pressure on the head of the Independence Speech. As for Trump himself, he reacted to the news of the impeachment proceedings in a characteristic manner – emotional tweets. “A very important day at the UN, so much work and so much success, and the Democrats deliberately buried and discredited it with another “witch hunt” garbage sensation. So bad for our country,” the US president tweeted.

The White House chief then named the heads of the House committees, who, on Pelosi’s orders, initiated an impeachment investigation. Trump again called the incident a “witch hunt,” stressing that Democrats had not even seen a transcript of his conversation with Green. “Presidential harassment,” the American leader literally shouted on Twitter.
What Trump Said to Green and Why He Faces Impeachment
Earlier, Trump announced that an unedited transcript of his call to the President of Ukraine would be published on September 25. However, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin considered that such a publication would be a “dangerous precedent” as it would violate the special format of the closed conversation of the first officials of the states. Nevertheless, the Ukrainian side gave the go-ahead, which the U.S. president was happy to announce in his microblog. “They don’t know what they’re talking about either,” he wrote. Still, that hasn’t stopped Democrats, Pelosi, from making strong accusations of betrayal against Trump.

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Now the question arises, what are the chances that the President of the United States will indeed be impeached. Recall that in the House of Representatives, which was directly involved in the investigation, the majority of Democrats (235 seats out of 435), while in the Senate, which then considers the results of this investigation – republicans (53 votes out of 100).

On this basis, at first glance, the chances of Trump’s removal seem slim. But Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe believes some Republicans can back away from their president because they will understand how high the political cost they will have to pay to free Trump from responsibility for his misconduct.
What Trump Said to Green and Why He Faces Impeachment

The New York Times analyzed the balance of power in the lower house of parliament. According to her poll, more than 200 people “support impeachment proceedings,” including 199 Democrats and one independent. At the same time, 87 respondents answered “no or have not yet decided,” including 16 Democrats and 71 Republicans. At the time of publication, the 148 members of the House had not yet received a response, most of them from Republicans – 128. It is also interesting that the quotations of impeachment contracts by the end of Trump’s first term a week ago were traded at 24 cents, which meant 24% probability of such an outcome. Yesterday, they rose to more than 60 cents, indicating at that time more than 60% probability of impeachment. However, as of 7 a.m. Moscow time on September 25, the price fell to 50 cents. Ruble fell again
What Trump Said to Green and Why He Faces Impeachment

The Russian national currency immediately reacted to reports from across the ocean. If for several days we saw a systematic decline in the dollar and the euro, at the end of Tuesday both crept up, as evidenced by the data of the Moscow Exchange. If as of 16 hours on September 24 Moscow time the US currency was trading below 63.70 rubles, by the end of the day it came close to 64 rubles. Trading closed at 63.99. At the same time, the euro began to rise, having added more than 30 cents and reached the value of 70.48.
What Trump Said to Green and Why He Faces Impeachment

It turns out that the ruble was very sensitive to the situation around the impeachment of Trump. At the same time, analysts predicted the continuation of strengthening of the Russian currency to 60-62 rubles per dollar and 65-67 rubles per euro. It’s probably too early to tell if they were wrong or not. Much should be clarified by the publication of his conversation with the U.S. President promised by the American president.