WhatsApp has started a mass blocking of users

WhatsApp has started a mass blocking of users

The official reason for users’ bans is the participation of users in groups with “malicious” names.”
WhatsApp messenger conducts mass blocking of users. This is reported by Gizchina.

Users report that they have been banned without the possibility of resuming use of the program.

According to the official commentary of WhatsApp representatives, all users were in groups with “malicious” names and violated the rules of the service.

You can get under the ban n it to change the name of the public group to one that is considered by whatsApp administrators to be “bad”.

To continue using WhatsApp, you will have to use a new phone number.

Earlier it was reported that officials of 20 countries were following WhatsApp. The correspondent also wrote that a new way of hacking an Instagram account was discovered.

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