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WhatsApp тестирует «независимую» версию для ПК

WhatsApp is testing an “independent” version for PCs

According to experts, the messenger WhatsApp has become one of the most popular in the world. It is, in fact, convenient to use, and its functionality allows you to get the most out of communicating with friends and family. This statement is true, but only when using a smartphone. Using WhatsApp on a computer is somewhat less convenient.

The fact is WhatsAppthat the developers allow the use of WhatsApp in a browser, or a special application for computers, only if the phone is in close proximity. If there is no smartphone, then it is not possible to write and read messages in your favorite messenger. Users have repeatedly pointed out the presence of this unpleasant feature and asked to eliminate it.

And now it seems that their requests have been heard. Recently it became known about the launch of beta testing of a new version of WhatsApp for computers. It will be completely independent of the presence of a smartphone. It is reported that in order to get everything “started”, you only need to make a connection to your smartphone once. Then, it will be possible to communicate with your contacts, both from the smartphone and from the computer.

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Many people wonder why, in general, there are such problems? It turns out that it’s all about how WhatsApp organizes data synchronization. Right now, the data is synchronized only for smartphones for a certain period of time. In the future, continuous synchronization is planned, which will ensure that chats are updated simultaneously in smartphone and computer versions.

The timing of the launch of the innovation has not yet been determined. Testing may take time, but the announcement of its preparation is certainly welcome.

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