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WhatsApp users' data were leaked to Google

WhatsApp users’ data were leaked to Google

For the third time, WhatsApp users’ data was leaked to Google. A security expert pointed out a critical vulnerability of the messenger. “It’s not business accounts that are leaked, but numbers of ordinary users,” he said.

Messenger WhatsApp never fixed the vulnerability that made the phone numbers of users freely found in Google. This was reported by a cybersecurity expert from India Rajshekhar Rajyahariya.

We are talking about the version of the messenger WhatsApp for home computers and laptops. It turned out that the phone numbers of those using the application are freely indexed by Google. This means that anyone can find them in a search engine in unencrypted form.

The leak comes via the desktop version of WhatsApp. If someone uses WhatsApp on a laptop or PC, their cell phone is indexed in a Google search. It’s not the business accounts that are leaked, but the numbers of regular users,

– Rajshekhar Rajahariya wrote on Twitter.

He added that this is the third time he has stumbled upon this vulnerability. Previously, because of this vulnerability, it was possible to find links to user accounts and invitations to group chats on Google. And in June 2020, for the first time, it became known about users’ phone numbers getting into the search engine.

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Recall also that users began leaving WhatsApp in droves due to a change in the privacy policy. In particular, users were notified that their data would be transferred to Facebook, a service associated with the social network. Those who were dissatisfied were asked to delete the application, which many did. After the mass exodus, the administration of WhatsApp tried to take back their words and delayed the changes in the privacy policy for several months to explain themselves to users.

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