When will SpaceX launch the Starlink satellite internet test?

By | July 16, 2020
When will SpaceX launch the Starlink satellite internet test?

Just recently, news sites were full of headlines about how actively Starlink Internet satellites are being launched into orbit. Now the hype around this grandiose project has subsided, but this does not mean at all that the work has stopped. On the contrary, recently it has been reported that SpaceX is moving to such an important stage as testing. It will start as a closed test in the summer with a subsequent transition to an open beta test.

Previously, everyone was invited to register on the SpaceX website as potential testers. Among other information about yourself, it was required to indicate your postal code. Now, some users have sent letters asking them to indicate their exact location. By all appearances, SpaceX is looking for testers with the most convenient location for testing. This is due to the fact that the existing constellation of satellites can provide coverage only in relatively small areas of the Earth.
When will SpaceX launch the Starlink satellite internet test?
Testers will be sent equipment for testing and detailed instructions on how to configure it. It will be free to use. They also do not have to pay for Starlink Internet, although it is reported that its work may not be stable. In addition, testers will be required to commit themselves not to disclose details. The only payment will be the amount of $ 1 – in parallel with the operation of the satellite Internet, the billing system will also be checked.

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