White House beefs up protections against leaked information

Employees of the IT department of the U.S. Presidential Administration were instructed to actively identify leaks of information.
White House officials in charge of IT and cybersecurity have been instructed to actively identify and investigate leaks. This is reported on Friday, October 25, the news portal Axios in the possession of which was an internal circular. and investigate leaks of sensitive information such as the president’s movements and schedule, which directly affect physical security,” the document reads.

In addition, it is the responsibility of the relevant departments to provide a briefing on the technical situation in foreign travel for the Representatives of the United States leadership.

Two former and one current White House staffer told the publication that their task was to review the history in employees’ browsers and to identify those who opened office documents, in particular, the president’s schedule. According to the publication, if earlier documents by email came in pdf format, now the program Microsoft Sharepoint is used, which gives the sender the opportunity to identify those who have read the information.

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Sources of the portal believe that in this way U.S. President Donald Trump is trying to get rid of the personnel hired by the Obama administration. The White House would not comment on the publication.

Earlier it was reported that Trump repeatedly clashed with the intelligence services because of numerous leaks to the press from closed briefings.