White House explains Biden’s criticism of Texas and Mississippi

White House explains Biden's criticism of Texas and Mississippi

According to an administration spokesman, the president’s harsh rhetoric was “a reflection of his frustration and irritation” with the governors’ irresponsible executive orders

The White House on Thursday responded to questions arising from remarks made Wednesday by President Joe Biden about the repeal of the mandatory facemask requirement in Texas and Mississippi. White House press secretary Jen Psaki said the president’s remarks, which many outlets found too harsh, were “a reflection of his frustration and irritation” with the irresponsible actions of authorities on the ground, “which I think many Americans feel.”

Commenting on Biden’s comments about the “Neanderthal mindset” of Texas and Mississippi, Psaki said that over the past year, the people of the country “have sacrificed themselves, and often they have not had the necessary information from the federal government… had no access to a deeper understanding of … guidance from public health authorities.”

The spokeswoman explained that the president believes that people across the country, regardless of the state in which they live, should “listen to public health experts.”

Jen Psaki recalled that President Biden, upon taking office, asked Americans to be strictly “masked” for at least a hundred days. About 40 days have passed since Biden’s inauguration, so that leaves another 60 days, “which is what the president is asking for,” Psaki said.

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The White House administration, she said, is primarily concerned about “the health, well-being and, frankly, the survival of people across the country.” President Biden “does not believe that the people of any state…should suffer from the decisions of their leadership, so he is speaking directly to the American people.”

Recall, after Joe Biden on Wednesday, criticized the decision by the governors of Texas and Mississippi to eliminate the requirement to wear protective masks, when asked by reporters, Biden called the actions of those state authorities “deeply flawed” and stressed that “wearing masks matters.”