WHO accuses USA of speculating on coronavirus

WHO accuses USA of speculating on coronavirus

The US claims about the artificial origin of the coronavirus are speculation. This opinion was expressed by the Director of the program of the world health organization (who) for emergency situations Michael Ryan, reports TASS.

Who, according to Ryan, had never received from US information about the origin of the coronavirus. If the U.S. side has a similar data organization is difficult to work in an “information vacuum.”

According to the head of the division of emergency diseases in the who Maria van Kerkhove, the expert evidence indicates a natural origin of the coronavirus. She added that according to the genetic sequence COVID-19, as well as other coronaviruses, they all originate from bats.

May 3, U.S. Secretary of state Michael Pompeo said that in Washington, there was evidence that the new coronavirus began to spread from the laboratory in the Chinese city of Wuhan. But then he added that he is familiar with the statements of scientists about the natural origin of the virus based on DNA analysis, and their accuracy is not in doubt. After that, he refrained from answering the question, whether the infection was intentional or is due to some incident.

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In April, the U.S. began a full investigation, as a new coronavirus infection and why China couldn’t stop her. The U.S. intelligence community said about the natural origins of the virus and emphasized that it has not been artificially synthesized. Donald Trump on a similar question said he could not comment on the situation and to reveal existing information.