“Who is your daddy now?”: In the U.S., the “godfather” of the Russian mafia died of cancer “in total poverty”

Journalists debunked the myth of the millions and accounts of Marat Balagul
The man, who according to the most modest versions, created the “Russian mafia” and spread influence around the world died on December 19, 2019, in an American hospital from cancer at the age of 77.

In fact, the “father” was considered the “thief in law” Evsey Agron, but in 1984 Balagula received American citizenship, and a year later kills “the most respected authority,” according to the investigation.

After killing the dragon, he became a dragon himself. After that incident, they say, he was only spoken of in whispers at Brighton Beach. Armed with the support of one of the five “Families” who control all the crime in the country, he began his bloody business, starting with a restaurant of Russian cuisine with the Japanese.

With all his competitors, he dealt with extremely cruel ways. His business included murder, racketeering, drugs, robbery and robbery, and his grouping also informally included Italian-American authorities doing “dirty work.”

Despite this, he died in utter poverty – said the journalist from New York Alexander Grant. “Biographer” collected a lot of facts and quotes from a dead bandit.

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It turned out, for example, that he was very often poor living in the United States. When he was in prison, his wife had to work 12 hours and constantly bring him “rations”.

When information about the house of the bandit almost 1.5 million dollars surfaced in the media, Balagula himself said that there was only one loan for 900,000, which by the way, had to pay his wife.

That’s right, the wife of a Decembrist.

According to the “master of criminal life in the United States”, he did not do what he is attributed to in the media. He was supposedly just a nightmare, like a comfortable figure.

“So he’s a simple thug? So who’s your daddy now, mobsters?”

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