Who tried to attack Venezuela

Who tried to attack Venezuela

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced the arrest of two U.S. citizens who allegedly worked with the American veteran, who took responsibility for a failed armed invasion of Venezuela on May 3. Just at the moment arrested 13 people to search for others mobilized 25 thousand militaries.

“Among the captured traitor Antonio Secker and citizen by the name of Babel, who said that among the invaders were two Americans from the protection of [U.S. President] Donald Trump,” said Maduro during a televised address.

U.S. citizens detained during the operation, Luke Denman, and Aaron Berry. Maduro even showed the documents that were discovered in them.

Responsibility for the attempted invasion took over the former officer from Florida Jordan Goodro, he now runs a security company Silvercorp USA. Denman and berry, according to the veteran, also are retired military they served together in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Source The Guardian claims that two Americans were arrested on May 4 during a RAID organized on the second day after the intrusions. Now both are in the custody of the military intelligence of Venezuela.

“They were playing Rambo. They were playing heroes,” he stated, stressing that the Venezuelan authorities knew about the preparation of the invasion to attempt the implementation of the operation.

Earlier, the interior Ministry of Venezuela reported on the prevention of the attempted landing in the sea area in the North, militants from Colombia.

“On the morning of May 3, was prevented an attempt of sea invasion by a group of terrorist mercenaries from Colombia, planned in the country to commit terrorist acts, the assassination of leaders of government, as well as to settle among people of chaos and to organize a coup,” said Interior Minister Nestor Reverol.

According to official information, the militants were going to reach the territory of the Republic of speedboats, and the landing was planned at the port city of La Guaira, 30 km from Caracas. The militants were resisted on the part of the Venezuelan Armed forces. The collision killed eight violators of the state border.

Later, the Venezuelan President said that the main purpose of the operation militants was killing him, and the actions of the offenders he described as “a terrorist act in the midst of a pandemic”.

According to Caracas, trying to break into the country members of the group were trained in Colombia, and funded them to the authorities of the neighboring country with the support of Washington.

The same point of view adheres to the head of the united socialist party Diosdado Cabello — he said that the militants were acting on the order of the United States and Colombia to overthrow Maduro.

The Ministry of defense of the Bolivarian Republic announced the intention to “North American imperialism” destabilize the situation in the country.

Left in denial
The US categorically denied his involvement in the invasion.

“We have seen reports from Venezuela, but we have little reason to believe anything happens to the former regime. The Maduro regime consistently uses misinformation to shift the focus from his poor management of Venezuela,” — said the representative of the US State Department, RIA “Novosti”.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia also rejected all allegations against his country.

At the same time, the version presented by the official authorities of Venezuela, questioned by opposition forces led by Juan Guido, in January last year proclaimed himself provisional president. It Guide Washington recognizes the ruler of Venezuela, although he did not pass through the voting procedure, and therefore in the local media even reported that the leader of the opposition was hired by Silvercorp USA to depose Maduro.

Guido insists that Maduro is trying to divert attention from their own problems, facing Caracas today — riot in a prison has led to the victims as well as gang warfare on the streets of Caracas.

Himself Guido said that “has nothing to do with the actions of the company and Silvercorp USA is not responsible for them”. In addition, Guido called for respect for the rights of people taken into custody in recent days.

Against the background of these developments, the Armed forces of Venezuela have embarked on a new phase of large-scale exercises “Bolivarian shield.” The military will examine the coast of the Republic.

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“Our commander ordered to hold in the coming hours and throughout the country a new phase of military exercises, special attention will be paid to the coastal area of the country. Thorough monitoring in the air, on land and at sea to detect any other elements or conspiracy cells, who want to enter the country to destabilize the world,” reads the statement on the website of the military Department of Venezuela.

Currently, the armed forces of Venezuela remain in a state of full combat readiness and continue to patrol the area where you intend to land saboteurs.

There will be no war
The problem of relations between the USA and Venezuela is reduced to the failure of the Washington election results 2018, the results of which were won by Nicolas Maduro. The situation is complicated by the fact that the majority in the National Assembly of the country held by the opposition — that its leader Juan Guido puts the White house. The United States consistently has introduced several packages of sanctions against the current Venezuelan government, which seriously aggravated the crisis manifestations in the economy of the state.

In addition, the United States in recent years has chosen the path of provocation to Caracas, which, however, did not progress to the extent of military operations, and a supporter of this approach was the former Advisor to the US President for national security Affairs John Bolton says “Газете.Ru” chief researcher of the Institute of Latin American Academy of Sciences Vladimir Sudarev.

“The American cruiser comes into the territorial waters of Venezuela, the aircraft will fly. It’s all minor provocations, to provoke Venezuela on reciprocal resolute actions that will give a reason for Washington to intervene really”,

— said the interlocutor of the edition.

Caracas it is quite restrained and neat.

The context of the situation in the United States suggests that a large-scale version of the operation of U.S. forces (and even more Colombian separately) against the Venezuelan army, at least at this stage, are excluded. First of all, because the intelligence of both countries has enough information on how well prepared and armed with Venezuela, including Russian weapons.

In the current environment, Trump is extremely disadvantageous to take steps aimed at escalation of the conflict in this area because the U.S. electorate would not take kindly to such actions. On the one hand, American society warmed problems caused by the pandemic coronavirus in the country. On the other, trump himself preparing for the electoral campaign, which this time is expected for it is not the simplest.

“And given the landscape of Venezuela and the level of preparedness of the military, victims to avoid unlikely. Trump is now the least necessary that the country began to bring the military in zinc coffins,” says sir.

As for the statements of the official authorities of Venezuela, concerning the threat from illegal armed groups as the main threats to national security, we should take into account that such threats are exaggerated — not least because the Venezuelan army is superior to their ability.

Moreover, a number of experts have pointed out that the Colombian guerrillas (or, to be more precise,  that have not ceased operations), according to witnesses, freely cross the border with Venezuela, which is practically not guarded.

“And Colombians are absolutely satisfied with the situation that exists now”, — said Vladimir Sudarev.In general, it can be argued that at the moment there is a general aggravation of the situation on both sides, however, it is difficult to talk about the real danger of the Maduro authorities, at least now.