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“Who will enlighten these people?” Expert on NATO decision on Defender exercises

Moscow calls on Europe to abandon the active phase of the exercises Defender, scheduled for the period of the celebration of Victory Day. On radio Sputnik Director of the Centre for strategic conjecture, Ivan Konovalov expressed the opinion that you will listen to NATO to these appeals. Moscow called on European countries to abandon the active phase of NATO exercises Defender during the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Victory, said Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko.
According to him, Moscow drew attention to the fact that the active phase of the exercises was planned in May.

“For us, it was quite clear that when the whole world will bow to the memory of those who defeated fascism and liberated Europe from the brown plague, at this time the Western propaganda outlets will step up its information campaign, accusing Russia of aggressive intentions and all other sins,” – he said.
Grushko stressed that the situation with the pandemic coronavirus “launched it all in the next plane.”
“Against the backdrop of a pandemic that we see that is extremely popular with all the tools of international cooperation, including in the military sphere. And the current situation shows the absolute stupidity, no other way to say NATO and other solutions that were adopted in the United States on the precipice of all contacts in the military sphere”, –said the Deputy head of the Foreign Ministry.
On radio Sputnik political scientist, military expert, Director of the Centre for strategic conjuncture Ivan Konovalov commented on the appeals of the Russian Federation to NATO to abandon the active phase of the exercises.

“To organize a military Sabbath at a time when the world situation is so fragile and insecure, it’s completely irresponsible. And calls Russia’s natural – if not Russia, then who? Who will warn these people? And it was done right. But, unfortunately, I think any response from the other side will follow,” said Ivan Konovalov. The Pentagon halted the transfer of military to Europe on Defender of Europe, but in general, the exercises are not cancelled. According to military experts, this is due to the reluctance even in such a situation to refuse Russophobic ideas and appeals.
“Part NATO turned doctrine, although it does not want to abandon their principle. This is an interesting nuance. The exercises were to take part 20 thousand Americans and Europeans even more. Now Americans in Europe – 6 million, but no one else will arrive. The fact is that NATO and the United States recognized the danger of a pandemic, but, nevertheless, do not want to abandon the exercise, because I don’t want to abandon Russophobia. These exercises are useless, is a waste of money for NATO, for the USA, and this is another irritation for the people of Europe: think about the coronavirus, and there will drive American tanks and shoot guns. Who needs this? But NATO wants to remind that Russia is “dangerous”, “said Ivan Konovalov.
However, it is Russia that sets a worthy example, he noted.
“Russia just acts to save the world from common misfortune. The Russian military went to Italy to save Italian citizens. This is an indicator of how to act in such a situation,” the military expert concluded.

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