Why all over the world sweep toilet paper. I tell you why

Why all over the world sweep toilet paper. I tell you why
Why all over the world sweep toilet paper. I tell you why

This week, I meet a lot of articles about that all over the world are buying up toilet paper. Toilet paper now writing more than life celebrities. Why people are buying so many of the attributes of personal hygiene? Not because someone became more likely to go to the toilet because of their fears. In this article, I will tell you about two new ways to use toilet paper.

I am surprised that in comments to articles about the reaction of many people to what is happening so much bewilderment and ridicule. Honestly, I don’t know how she would behave if you were in a country where rampant, particularly coronavirus. Maybe, and got in line for toilet paper with them. But I live in Belarus, with the presence of this product in the stores we have no problems and the panic is also not observed.

Yesterday I was driving on public transport. It is absolutely normal that during the trip someone may sneeze or cough. But we have none of the passengers rush to the other end of the bus because of this. And protective masks on the street go one.

I can’t say how things are with the presence of masks in our pharmacies. Not interested in this question. But, according to the news, in many countries in pharmacies no protective masks.

For the manufacture of masks and need toilet paper. Many people make it a disposable protective mask: the paper is folded in several layers and fasten it with strings. But this is not the only way to use toilet paper to protect against coronavirus infection.

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Another description of the use of this personal hygiene I’ve met in the comments of one blogger. The article was about the fact that one of the bloggers was infected by a coronavirus and is now in hospital. Over in the comments to this article was vigorously debated and the subject of toilet paper.

Among the comments, I found several posts with photos, how even use toilet paper to protect against coronavirus. It’s simple: people wrapped her hand, which you want to open the door to the shop, to hold the trolley in the supermarket, grab bars in the metro.

American scientists conducted an experiment and found how long coronavirus infection lives on different surfaces, which often contact people. It turned out that the coronavirus is retained on the rail transport and on the door handles up to three days. And toilet paper has become a simple and cheap way to protect yourself from contact with these surfaces.