“Why are the Russians wrong when they criticize the F-35»

British experts guy Popsci and Roger N. McDermott in the publication Room Wavell decided to rehabilitate the American fighter F-35 Lightning II (the F-35 “Lightning II”) after a series of critical articles, including in the Russian media space. The British immediately took the bull by the horns: “the Growing number of stealth aircraft received by the United States and its allies, Russia poses an unprecedented task.

However, instead of acknowledging the qualitative leap in capabilities that a larger and more complex fleet of stealth aircraft brings, modern Russian commentators and high-ranking military officials have for the most part chosen to follow the long-standing Russian tradition of publicly downplaying the utility of stealth.”

The idea of the publication is this: the Russians themselves are not able to do something similar, so they began to scold the American achievements, not understanding what such shortsightedness threatens in the case of a real war. Indeed, history knows many examples when underestimation of the enemy attacked our troop’s great damage. There was even a term “shapkozakidatelstvo” most accurately reflects a false idea of the enemy. A few words about experts. Guy Popsci specializiruetsya in the field of aviation, military and security in the Asia-Pacific region, and Roger N. McDermott is a senior researcher in the Department of war studies (School of security studies) King’s College London. Their task, they identified very accurately: to refute the Russian point of view on the F-35, as it is gaining popularity in the West.

“…Senseless statements (Russian side — ed.) about the invisible aircraft of the United States and allies sound in order to strengthen the position of the Russian Armed forces in the eyes of the international community, to instill a sense of national pride among the Russian audience and to diminish the severity of Russia’s lag in the field of stealth technologies,” British analysts emphasize.

Similar, the internal public debate in our media really got Americans and allies. It seemed that they care about what is said and written in Hartland (so often called our country in the West, understanding by this not only the territory between Europe and Asia but also an impregnable natural fortress). However, in the age of the Internet, any interesting news is instantly translated into other languages and become available to the world community.

Why is this argument so important? It turns out that he influences even the headquarters of the defense planning of the US and NATO, who are attacked through the media with the aim of “exaggeration of the military potential of Russia.”

According to experts of the Wavell Room, the Soviet military in 1984 was well aware of the importance of stealth technology, and the Defense Ministry of the USSR, like the Pentagon, considered it important to have an invisible plane. Such information was provided to them by the CIA.

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On the Internet, even a curious copy of the top-secret CIA report of 1985 “On the reaction of the USSR to stealth” appeared. It says that “Soviet military commentators expressed confidence that the existing Soviet air defense systems are effective against stealth aircraft.” All this is very confused Americans who were forced to adjust the military planning.

Even after the stealth bombers, F-117 proved to be very successful during the Gulf war in 1991, in Russia, some experts put it very briefly — “bullshit”. Simply Iraqis did not have good air defense systems and qualified personnel. Benjamin Lambeth, a senior researcher at Rand analytical Corporation, wrote about this Russian position in 1992 in his research. This is again confused the staff of the Pentagon, who had expected slight panic in the Defense Ministry of the USSR.

However, there were other estimates, in particular, the chief of the General staff Vladimir Lobov and defense Minister Yevgeny Shaposhnikov demanded “to catch up with the Americans in the field of “stealth” and keep up with them.” However, nobody told about the critical superiority of the U.S. air force over the Soviet air force.

In 2006, an article appeared in the Russian magazine “Military thought” that stealth technology is important not so much for aircraft as for cruise missiles and drones. Then it was assumed that combat stealth drones can create serious problems for Russian air defense in the future. In fact, the reviving defense industry of the Russian Federation was tasked with creating radars that can detect American stealth aircraft and other aircraft. Looking ahead, let’s say this gap was closed.

Special thanks should be said to the brothers-Serbs, who on the night of 27 March 1999 shot down the vaunted F-117. The subsequent analysis showed that competent actions of calculation allowed to find “invisible” at a distance of 30 km and then to intercept. If the Iraqis also activated their radars in the short term, so as not to be subjected to NATO suppression of air defense systems, and then quickly moved mobile air defenses, such a defeat would not have happened.

In this regard, the publication of the Wavell Room gave an interview from the article “the S-400 Division did not notice The f-35 attack near Damascus”, published in the “Free Press”. Plopsky and McDermott quote the comment of the former commander of the 4th air army air force and air defense, Lieutenant General Valery Gorbenko, who said: “the Vulnerability of stealth aircraft well demonstrated the experience of the war in Yugoslavia… As for the capabilities of the F-35, it is certainly a good fighter… but the fighter will still be found.”

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In fairness, in the West, there is an understanding that “due to the design features of modern stealth fighters, the F-35 and F-22 have higher radar sections at lower frequencies.” That is, modern low-frequency radar, such as “Sky-M” can detect and track them over long distances. However, “these low-frequency radars are not an effective solution against broadband stealth aircraft such as us air force’s B-2 and the b-21 being developed, which are “invisible to both low and high frequencies,” the British claim.

“Yes, — they write, — the Russians are able to see on their radars f-35 fighters, but will not be able to hit them with air defenses, as the missiles are automatically aimed at the target with high-frequency radars.” Like, to reflect the raids will have to raise the aircraft, and that has yet to get closer to the distance of visual contact. In other words, the MIC of the Russian Federation faces the task of creating low-cost missiles operating in the low-frequency range. And this is a completely different level of technology. Thus, the su-35 and the s-400 SAM need to be well modernized once again to solve the problem of the F-35 and F-22. In any case, this conclusion is made from the article Wavell Room. In General, the American strategy of overcoming our air defense is based on a comprehensive approach, in which the “cannon fodder” of the allies will be exposed to the attack of Russian fighter aircraft and air defense. The mission of non-American NATO is to heroically die from Russian fire and thus open a window of opportunity to destroy the “Dryers” and SAM during recharges. Say, f-35 and F-22 have more opportunities to survive in the heavenly meat grinder. That’s one.

Second, stealth technology justifies themselves, even those that allowed the Americans to make stealth cruise missiles. And since Russian experts have focused their poison of criticism on the F-35 and practically do not scold this secretive ammunition, it means that the US has not wasted a lot of money. That is, in the case of a sudden air attack on the Russian Federation, the gap between the American and Russian stealth technology can have a very negative impact on the defense potential of the Russian Federation, writes Wavell Room.

If you follow the logic of British experts, the US simply have to attack Russia stealthily — without any prior “persuasion and ultimatums.” Only one snag — the nuclear weapon of Moscow. Is that why trump calls Putin with the words: “Dear Vladimir, let’s destroy the nuclear triad, and then in my headquarters do not know how to plan an attack on your country.”