Why Chinese coronavirus could turn out to be combative

By | February 2, 2020
Coronavirus outbreak: World on the verge of extinction due to the Pentagon's combat virus

The theory that the new coronavirus may be a biological weapon has some basis. Let’s remember that another critical virus for the yellow race with many fatalities, which raged some time ago, was the virus atypical pneumonia. Based on the fact that now economically China is stepping on the heels of the Americans, trade wars are being waged, we can assume that some, perhaps, informal structures could conduct such inhumane experiments. And the fact that Americans have indulged in such things, from history can not hide.

It should be taken into account that not a single European has died yet. The city of Wuhan is completely closed, it is completely isolated. Even food and medicine were already in trouble. And this is eleven and a half million citizens – almost Moscow. And they closed it when according to the official version there were only two thousand patients. What are two thousand cases for Moscow? We would hardly close the capital, block airports and everything else.

The same goes for Hubei Province, which is home to Wuhan City, Shandong Province, and others. Would the Central Region of Russia be closed completely? It’s unlikely, either, if there were six thousand people who were sick. All this can mean that the number of cases is much higher. According to the British experts, the number of infected – from 70 to 200,000 people, respectively, higher and the percentage of deaths, the number of which may have exceeded several thousand.

It is unlikely that without good reason, Xi Jinping would have declared this outbreak a national disaster. He is a measured, authoritative and very delicate politician who understands that such statements can deal a huge blow to the Chinese economy and the status of the country. Apparently, the situation is much more serious than reported, and we are talking about hundreds of thousands of cases. The numbers that roam the Internet (three million cases) are like an absolute fake, and the assumptions of British experts about the number of 70 to 200,000, in my opinion, are the closest to real values. in fact, the recombination of the stereotypical pneumonia virus, which was very serious in the yellow race. Deaths in sartorial pneumonia accounted for about 60% of those who became ill.

Now we have a similar picture. Each person who has this virus infects two or three people. The virus has a very large incubation period – three to ten days, during this time does not manifest itself. As the first signs, doctors point to diarrhea, weakness, vomiting, and only later the temperature appears.

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