Why didn’t Mueller “eat” trump?

Almost two years “investigating” “collusion” Donald Trump with Russia, special Prosecutor Robert Mueller could well find him, but did not find for two very good reasons

Us President Donald Trump clearly did not expect such a successful outcome for him, which lasted almost two years of “investigation” of special Prosecutor Robert Mueller of the alleged ties of the owner of the White house with Russia. The most terrible accusation was the alleged “collusion” of the trump team with Moscow in order to discredit his rival in the struggle for the presidency, Democrat Hillary Clinton. Although, of course, no “collusion” was not, Mueller did not interfere with his “find” and “prove”. He could well give him sympathy in Moscow for the presidential candidate, shouting at every corner about the need to have a good relationship with Russia, although Trump in the eyes of the American public it only hindered.

Us tradition is such that all the high-profile public investigations conducted there, such as the crash of the American fleet in Pearl Harbor in 1941 or the assassination in 1963 of us President John F. Kennedy, were aimed not at establishing the truth, but at concealing it. After all to believe, for example, in the, that Kennedy killed half-psychopath-single mother can be only in is the case, if suggest, that this was the devil.

During the period of the “Russian” investigation of trump and his team, investigators Muller did a tremendous job, writing more than 2,800 subpoenas, receiving about 500 search warrants and interviewing 500 witnesses, including the President’s closest advisers, some of whom were tried and put behind bars. At the same time, illegal methods were often used. Frightened to death wards “kostolomov Muller” like Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen, to avoid life sentences, concluded “deals with the investigation” and were ready to stipulate themselves and the owner of the White house in anything. And I’m sure they did. In the sight of the investigation got all the trump’s entourage, cases of past violations of the law, without which it is impossible to do business in America. As a result, who lived almost two years on the nerves, under the sword of Damocles, rolled up because of this periodic tantrums on Twitter trump, resented the “witch hunt”, the victims of which he and his family, and unprecedented “harassment of the President”, was sure that is a step away from impeachment. He admitted the reality of impeachment and has already begun to frighten the Americans with its terrible consequences. Because he knew that “dirt” on him, if it is properly presented, there is, and American society, half of which trump fiercely hates as a “Russian spy”, “fascist” and “racist”, it is prepared mainstream media to the uncritical perception of the charges against him. After all, his predecessor in the White House and old friend Richard Nixon suffered for doing what many presidents did before and after him.

Great relief

And suddenly such relief. Muller’s special Commission completed its work, removing trump’s main accusation: the Russians really tried to interfere in the election, but he and his staff did not collude with them. With regard to the charges of “obstruction of justice”, Attorney General William Barr, who summarized the findings of special Prosecutor Muller, said: “the Report does not conclude that the President has committed a crime, but does not justify it.” However, based on this, Barr and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, one of Trump’s top bullies, concluded that the charges against him are not substantiated. Such an unexpected development of events shocked all the ill-wishers of the American President, especially prominent Democrats, who turned the House of Representatives into a rostrum of persecution of the owner of the White House. According to polls, most Americans have already believed in the nominated against trump but dropped mostly by the verdict of Mueller charges. Of course, in the lower house of Parliament, which is controlled by the Democrats, the investigation by the two committees of trump’s alleged sins will continue, and several trials concerning him have not been completed. But now it’s all trifles: trump’s impeachment or removal from power under the threat of impeachment does not threaten him. The President can finally calm down, take a breath and in the halo of the winner plunge into the beginning of the election campaign to try to be re-elected for a second term.

Trump in euphoria

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The fact that the dark clouds over trump scattered, can be seen in his latest statements. He already flaunts, saying that if the Republicans acted in the same way against the Democratic President, “a hundred people would be in prison right now” and “until the end of his days” that the investigation attributed to his headquarters contacts with Russia was tantamount to “treason” and “an attempt to illegally seize power”Speaking on the only Fox News channel friendly to him, Trump admitted that the investigation of special Prosecutor Mueller, which ended with the removal of his suspicions of collusion with Moscow, was “a very dark period”, so it is impossible to allow, that “such treacherous actions were taken against another President.”

“It’s a shame that our country had to go through this. To tell the truth, it is a shame that your President had to go through it”, — the owner of the White House doesn’t get tired to repeat ecstatically. The President wrote a lot of tweets on the topic “No collision was not” and was right.

Trump even began to threaten his persecutors:

We’ll get to the bottom of it. I hope they don’t get away with it.

Trump, who previously snapped Muller’s last words, now praises him for acting with dignity, and his conclusion “was 100 percent consistent with how it should have been.” The President sang an old song: “America is the greatest place on earth.” But more recently, trump climbed the wall from impotence: “This has never happened! Boundless harassment of the President!”.Trump spokeswoman Sarah Sanders demands that “Democrats and liberal media outlets apologize to the President and the American people: they wasted two years creating huge obstacles and distracting attention from things that affect people’s daily lives.” As for trump’s accusation of “obstruction of justice,” Sanders sarcastically remarked that “it’s hard to prevent the disclosure of a crime that never happened.”

“A good day for the rule of law. A great day for President Trump and his team. A bad day for those who hoped that Muller’s investigation would destroy President trump,” Republican Senator Lindsay Graham commented on the completion of the “investigation” having a difficult relationship with the President.

“This is as important a victory for President trump as it is a crushing defeat for Democrats and media representatives who have been spreading the delusional myth of collusion over the past two years. Today, this is officially over,” said a former employee of the election headquarters of trump Jason Miller. Democrats in Congress will continue to scold trump

Of course, the Democrats in Congress are not going to give up. Realizing that to bring down trump they will not succeed, they will continue to destroy his reputation.

“The statements of the President that he is fully justified, directly contradict the words of Muller and cannot be perceived as anything reliable,” — stressed in a joint statement of the speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi and minority leader in the Senate Chuck Sumer.

“The letter of attorney General Barr raises as many questions as it removes. The fact that the report of special Prosecutor Muller does not absolve the President of such a serious charge as obstruction of justice demonstrates the importance of the urgent publication of the entire report and the documents underlying it,” the statement said.

Democrats in Congress will noisily demand from attorney General Barr the full report of special Prosecutor Muller, will try to get from him new, uncomfortable for trump details. They will continue their own, initiate all sorts of “public investigations”, for example, stories with trump’s dismissal of former FBI Director James Comey, his son’s meetings with a lawyer from Russia, the President’s business interests, will try to find out whether he pays all taxes. As the Voice of America foresees, the struggle for the still-secret documents of special Prosecutor Muller will be long and sharp, especially against the backdrop of the unfolding presidential election campaign. Democrats will stress that “the privileges of the Executive cannot be used to protect or conceal illegal actions.” Poison trump, though perhaps not as intense, there will be mainstream media. Everything will remain, in principle, still, except that Trump will not need to collect suitcases to move out of the White House ahead of schedule.

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Who and why put in a word for trump?

Now it remains only to understand what really happened to trump. Why is the American “Deep state”, prominent representatives of which are the Robert Mueller, and the Democratic criticism of the President in Congress, as members of the leadership of the Republican party, suddenly decided to “spare” trump, who promised voters “to drain the Washington swamp” and return to the people stolen from him by the globalist elite of the country?and there are two reasons.

First, the establishment decided to rid the country of the chaos of impeachment, because its President and Supreme commander are in fact in a state of hybrid war with the world: China, Russia, the European Union. “Horses on the crossing do not change,” and Trump’s departure may, for example, jeopardize the emerging success in trade negotiations with Beijing, which is hoped in Washington. It will cause premature failure of the “America first” policy and will deal a powerful blow to the economy of the country burdened with excessive external debt, and can give rise to a global financial crisis. The American economic and financial “ship” can suffer greatly from such political perturbations, as it is not in the best shape. And what if Trump will be able to bring the rest of the world to its knees, what he wants with such pressure? After all, the US will only benefit from this, even if after trump they make concessions to their trading partners and apologize. The growing confrontation with the resurgent Russia, where the US expects to “change the regime”, is also too important a task to be distracted by extraneous topics. Secondly, Trump has already sat in the White House for more than half of the term, which few of his critics initially assumed. So now they have no special reason to “leave” trump from the White House. To suffer it remains not for long. It is more important for them to continue to maintain a negative media noise around him than the Democrats and are now going to actively engage, and hope that ambition will force trump to re-run for President. They are sure that the mud tubs poured over the years on trump have set up a majority of voters against him, that the President is unpleasant to them as a person (and here they are right), and therefore the next presidential election, if the Democrats are opposed to trump, they will win. In short, Democrats now need a “bad” trump in the White House and a “bad” Republican candidate in the next election. So Mueller and Co. and “spared” trump.

The play continues.