Why does a chicken need a backpack?

By | July 16, 2020
Why does a chicken need a backpack?

A backpack hanging on the back is definitely a useful thing. But why does a chicken need it? This is the question that arises first of all when you look at chickens with small boxes that visually resemble backpacks. However, this amazing fact has its own reasonable explanation. The fact is that blood-sucking parasites begin to overpower chickens. And it just doesn’t work to cope with him.

The chickens themselves are trying to resolve the issue with uninvited guests in their plumage. They begin to actively clean feathers with their beaks, bathe in dust. But all is in vain – ticks can influence them so much that egg production is noticeably reduced, irritation appears on the skin, the bird feels depressed. The main problem is that knowing when exactly to take action is quite difficult, given that thousands and tens of thousands of chickens can live on a farm.
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Scientists at the University of California have brilliantly solved this problem. They developed the chicken backpack. The small box that straps the chicken onto the back contains sensors that collect and transmit data for analysis. As a result, it is possible to notice changes in the behavior of animals. Changes in motor activity are of the greatest interest.

Researchers have spent a lot of time trying to develop the correct analysis algorithms. Then, they were checked by visual observation of a herd of thousands of chickens on one of the farms. Now, relying on them, you can almost accurately understand when a tick affects the livestock and take appropriate measures, treating the livestock with special means.

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