Why does it look like a Superjet 100 terrorist attack?

My friends. That’s just my opinion, of course. Official – lightning strike. That’s fine with me. All the more, that people already not going to return. But…Why think of a man-made version? Because most recently was literally crushed manufacturer of aircraft such as Boeing, after the passenger fell 737-800. The largest producer suffered catastrophic losses. This is an economic war. And this kind of reputational damage is worse than losing territory. Because the territory you can recapture by force, and then you have a long time to prove that your aircraft is safe. And not the fact that you will return something. After all, unless you have a “bad”, your competitors to the interruption offered a replacement.

Of course, the medium-range SSJ-100 is not a competitor in the long-haul “Boeing”, but this aircraft is the only passenger aircraft produced in Russia and which tried to replace all the same “Boeing” and “Airbus”.

“This is the second accident of SSJ100 with victims and the first in civil aviation. The first accident with this type of aircraft occurred in 2012 in Indonesia during a demonstration flight, which was performed by pilots of “Sukhoi Civil aircraft”: due to a pilot error, the SSJ100 crashed into a mountain. Killed 45 people on Board. ”

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Already at this stage, it was easy to understand that “dry” tried and try to make a bad reputation. The diversion is clearly beneficial. Based on this, I can conclude that if the “lightning” and worked with the wiring, it is very somehow timely. Coincidence, of course. I’m not an expert.