Why is CNN looking for Putin’s army in CAR?

The U.S. is concerned that Russia has managed to gain a foothold in 10 countries in Africa. CNN and other Western media are looking for traces of “Wagner’s CVC” in CAR to cast a shadow over the expansion of Washington’s threatening Russian influence

The United States is closely monitoring Russia’s strengthening in the Central African Republic (CAR). In February, Thomas Waldhauser, commander of U.S. Forces in Africa (AFRICOM), complained to the Senate that Moscow wanted to have influence across the continent.

Pentagon’s Nightmare dreams

Washington is not able to resist this by force, so it resorts to “maximally denigrating” tactics. Waldhauser paints the following picture: Russia sponsors private military companies protecting African dictators with the money of oligarchs. The latter in return allow the Russians to extract mineral wealth – diamonds, gold, and oil. The general fears that the Russian model could spread not only in CAR but on the entire Black Continent.

As Russia potentially seeks to export its security model to the region, other African leaders facing similar instability and unrest may find the model attractive,

Waldhauser said. Today, CNN published the results of a month-long “investigation” about the activities of the Russian military in CAR.

The material begins with the phrase: “There is no secret about Russia’s presence in the Central African Republic.” The streets of CAR are strewn with propaganda banners that read: “Russia hand in hand with your army.” The radio of this country spins Russian songs and lessons of the Russian language. Local military personnel is being trained to use Russian weapons in Russian, CNN reported.

The authors are impressed with how clever and subtle Russia is.

… The Russian campaign in this war-torn country is not clumsy at all, it uses a combination of mercenaries and clever PR to increase Moscow’s influence, outplay its competitors and reassert itself as the main player in the region,

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“Putin’s Army”

The Sienans, as representatives of a country that considers the whole world to be the sphere of its interests, can’t sing laudatory odes about how good it is that Africa is becoming Russian again. It’s time to pour in the bitters. An experienced reader has already guessed what will go on. Yes, about “Putin’s chef.” “A month-long investigation found that the ambitious advance to the heart of Africa was sponsored by Eugene Prigozhin,” the authors note.

A Russian businessman through the company Lobaye Invest sponsors a radio station in CAR, trains 250 instructors with the hands of local military and received concessions for the extraction of diamonds and gold, CNN reports.

It goes on to tell the story of Wagner’s private military company and its “presence” in Eastern Ukraine, Syria and Africa: “After varying success in Ukraine and Syria, the oligarch seems to have turned his attention to Africa, with various subsidiaries Libya, Sudan and the Central African Republic.” CNN calls Wagner’s CVC “Putin’s private army,” which has taken root in mineral-rich countries.

The Russian president has once stated that Wagner’s CVC has nothing to do with the Russian army and the Russian state. As for the military presence in CAR, Moscow has never denied it. Since 2018, 175 Russian instructors have been in CAR legally and at the invitation of President Fosten-Arkanj Tuader. The weapons are supplied on the basis of a UN Security Council resolution. In April this year, Touadera publicly announced the successful training of 2,000 MEMBERS of the CAR Armed Forces (FACA) by Russian specialists. Russia’s presence in one of the world’s main locations. CAR is the heart of Africa. A reference point for expanding influence across the continent. On one of the maps, CNN showed how through a series of intergovernmental agreements Moscow has established itself in 10 countries – from Egypt to South Africa. Curiously, the geography of influence is completely consistent with the never-implemented project of the British Empire – the Cape Town-Cairo railway.

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While Russia returns to the Soviet Union’s zone of influence, “Americans are reducing their presence,” CNN reported. The loss of Africa to the West means the abandonment of 30% of the world’s mineral resources. Africa is rich in oil, uranium, gold, diamonds, cobalt, complete, bauxite, iron ore and so on. Without these resources, Boeings, Fords, iPhones and other needs of the modern American are unthinkable. In 2010, the European Union compiled a list of 14 strategic minerals, which are not available in Europe, but there are in Africa. In addition to economic, there are geopolitical risks. AFRICOM Commander Waldhauser is concerned that Russia has gained access to NATO’s southern flank.

These agreements (with two governments in Libya) aim to access The Vast Libyan Oil Market, restore arms sales and gain access to the coastal areas of the Mediterranean, providing Russia with easier access to Europe’s southern border,

The general said.

If CAR is the heart of Africa, Libya is the underbelly of Europe, then Sudan is the way to the Red Sea. It passes 11% of the world’s offshore oil supplies.

The stronger Russia’s positions in CAR, Sudan and other regional countries, the more publications about “evil oligarchs” and “green men” will appear, taking the continent’s resources into their own hands. The United States is the only country in the world that has an African command. On the Black Continent, they have 34 military bases. Washington has a lot to lose.

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