Why TikTok Is A National Security Threat

Why TikTok Is A National Security Threat

So consider the military in the USA. And perhaps they are right …

U.S. Navy employees are not allowed to use the application, popular among children and adolescents.

Experts fear that the Chinese application may be used to spy on US citizens. The officially published message says that all military personnel who used TikTok and did not remove the messenger will be blocked (whatever that means) on the intranet of the US Navy. Moreover, what kind of threat poses the “child” resource is not specified …

Pentagon spokesman Lt. Uriah Orland said the order is part of an effort to “eliminate existing and emerging threats.” TikTok has been hugely popular among teens around the world but has been closely monitored by US lawmakers in recent months.

In November, U.S. Army cadets were instructed not to use TikTok after Senator Chuck Schumer expressed concern about the security of the army using the messenger to recruit personnel.

Have you ever thought that right now they can follow you through the window of your messenger !?

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