Why Trump needs Putin at the G7 Summit

By | May 31, 2020
Why Trump needs Putin at the G7 Summit

It seems that US President Donald Trump, re-elected this November, has come up with his own new trump card. Without fanning the scandal with his colleague Angela Merkel, who refused to go to the G7 summit scheduled for June in the USA, and without resorting to anti-pandemic tricks, he decided to postpone the G7 meeting to September, inviting the leaders of Russia, South Korea, India to participate, and why from Australia.

Actually, for a couple of years, Trump, with the moral support of French colleague Emmanuel Macron, has been discussing the idea of ​​returning Vladimir Putin to the table of the Seven. However, such an initiative did not meet with consensus support inside the most closed world club, and even overseas they looked at it extremely suspiciously. However, for Trump personally, the situation against the backdrop of the million Americans affected by COVID-19 and the new wave of mass unemployment that has covered the country is such that for re-election he needs to take risks and do it on a large scale. And the summit of the powers that be in an expanded format, in theory, should not only represent the billionaire president as a successful reformer of world politics but also reflect a symbolic victory over the infectious misfortune of the 21st century. And the main laurels of the suppressor of the coronavirus, Trump, without complexes, will naturally attribute to himself.

In other words, already at the peak of the election campaign, he hopes to pull out a decisive trump card from his sleeve. Not a rabbit, but a whole lion of the colors of the American flag. And at the same time, publicly kick China, the source, in the president’s opinion, of all the current troubles, which, not being invited to the summit, would appear to be in special political isolation. Which should once again confirm the correctness of the Trump strategic line to weaken the main economic and already political adversary.

But these are the reasons for Donald Trump. But what about Russia? I must say that since 2014, when, according to the savage remark of our Western partners, “the Seven out of the Eight”, leaving Russia as if on a world roadside, Moscow repeatedly demonstrated in the most ostentatious manner their indifference to the lost status. Then the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry Sergey Lavrov will declare that this format of communication has lost its relevance and it is more expedient to solve and discuss global problems within the framework of the G20. Then the chairman of the Federation Council committee on international affairs, Konstantin Kosachev, will emphasize that Russia will be able to afford to return to such a round table provided that all sanctions imposed against it are lifted. And presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov will note that participation in the G8 is not an end in itself for the Kremlin. In addition, they say, discussing world issues without the participation of China and India is inefficient.

It is clear that politics is a subtle thing. And only constant interests should be present in it, with constantly changing rhetoric. Moreover, Trump gave the word, and tomorrow took it back under pressure, which has already been repeatedly observed. So, at least, rushing with consent for the Kremlin would be extremely rash. Moreover, even before the outbreak of the coronavirus, it became clear that Trump abandoned the idea of ​​coming to the Victory Parade in Moscow. So in this regard, Russia does not owe him anything. Not to mention the allied relations developing with China in a sense, which would be disappointed if Vladimir Putin flew to Washington. And for his refusal from China, one could receive some compensation.
So now in the Kremlin there is something to seriously think about. The main thing is to make the right bet in such a game.

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