Why trump “reconcile” Israel with Palestine and why the “deal of the century” was called a failure

Why trump

Trump announced the “deal of the century” the day before, which should be almost the only option for reconciliation between Israel and Palestine. The parties involved in reconciliation have already spoken about their positions. Experts, as well as world observers, joined the assessment. Among the expert opinions is the explanation of why Trump “reconcile” Israel with Palestine and why they called the “deal of the century” a failure.
U.S. President Donald Trump has proposed a “deal of the century” to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. According to the map released by Trump, Palestine is supposed to be connected by two highways with border crossings to Jordan, and the Palestinian West Bank will be separated from Jordan by a strip of Israeli territory. However, Washington believes that this is the only way to resolve the conflict between Palestine and Israel.
The implementation of the “deal of the century” should double the area of Palestine and create about 1 million jobs in the country. The United States, Washington suggests, is also ready to work to ensure that the territory of a Palestinian state is inseparable.
At the same time, the Palestinians need to renounce terror against Israel and stop supporting Hamas. In Trump’s view, his proposal is the last chance to form a full-fledged Palestinian state.
Palestine doesn’t like the deal of the century. As well as other representatives of the region. Only Saudi Arabia was enthusiastic about the proposal. Israel is also loyal. But about it a little later – there is an expert position on this.
By the way, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that Moscow will study the U.S. proposal to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but the final decision is left to Israel and Palestine.
“Decisions are made by the parties involved in the conflict – it’s the Palestinians and the Israelis, the Americans do not make a decision. They have put forward an initiative, it will be studied by everyone. But first of all, the decision is made by the parties to the conflict.”
So, as we have already said, the views of Israel and Palestine on the “deal of the century” have been diametrically opposed. If the first in words agreed with the American plan, the second refused to accept it. Turkey considers Trump’s “deal of the century” on the Middle East stillborn and aimed at annexing Palestinian lands, as stated by the Foreign Ministry.
The same opinion is shared by former Lebanese Prime Minister Tamam Salam. On his Twitter page, he expressed his outrage at Trump’s proposed “deal of the century.”
“The deal of the century torpedoed all decisions of international legitimacy, legitimizes the occupation of settlements, – Salam indignantly. “And that’s a slap in the face to every honest citizen who wants a just world.”
He also said that he supported the decision to create a Palestinian state. In addition, Lebanon, according to Salam, “holds the right to return refugees to their lands.”
The plan is a failure?
Political scientist Yevgeny Satanovsky commented on the situation. He notes that Donald Trump has decided to contribute to history and finally divorce Israelis and Palestinians, ensuring a peaceful future for them, and adds a noteworthy detail – reminds us exactly where the plan of the “deal of the century” was published. It was published in the Pages of the New York Times.
“The newspaper is left, stands a mountain for the Democrats, Soros and environmental mads in the style of G. Tunberg, Trump can not stand, Israel rinses in all directions, lies at the same time – as breaths. She doesn’t like us either. Especially since the Obama era, when it became fashionable. But it’s separate. So, there is a plan. In Israel, it is not only discussed by the lazy.”
Satanovsky says that in Israel, the “deal of the century” was treated ambiguously
The Left criticizes. The right isn’t too happy either. Trump doesn’t give them any gifts – rather, on the contrary. Because he treats Israel a lot better than his predecessors, but he is an American, and they contrary to their own and the world’s opinion did not give any gifts to Israel. And for all that they called, the price was ripped off at least double, not triple. “Fear the Danes who bring gifts” is about them. And their advice… If Israel followed them, it would not have been on the map for a long time. And they know it. As for the American security guarantees… “Don’t mix my hooves,” said the animated horse July from the series about the heroes of the studio “The Mill”. And he was right.”

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Analyzing all the pitfalls and currents, Satanovsky concludes that the plan turned out to be useful for Trump, but apparently unrealizable.
“The chic divorce came out. One of the biggest financial and political scams of the 20th and present centuries. And if Trump wants to do something there, he’s a titan and a stoic in one person. Will he do it? Hardly. The alternative is simple: to send everyone away, to cut down on Israel the territories it already has, and those on which the Palestinians live, to give control to anyone. At least to Egypt. At least Jordan. At least the Martians. No one wants to take it! Offered… So it will be as it will be…
And by the way, Trump in his map with the new borders of Israel and Palestine “grabbed” and the Syrian Golan. Although it is clear that this is at least disputed territory.