Will there be USB-C in the new iPhone

Releasing a mobile device company Apple in many respects goes his own special way. It is not only its own operating system but also its own type of connector for charging and synchronization. Any claims to the Lightning connector is not and cannot be. However, the use of mobile technology in the company leads to inconvenience for the users of this technology on a purely domestic level.

Given the fact that Apple smartphones are still more popular than smartphones on the Android OS, the fans of the “Apple” technique you start to experience problems if they left the charging cable from your iPhone home. They just do not have the ability to recharge the battery from a foreign charge, which would be quite reasonable and logical. Based on this, the iPhone starts losing the competition inconvenience.

European legislators recently attended to this point and made the decision that within the EU will ban the sale of devices with connectors different from the USB connector C. this decision to make the main. The decision will make not only handy gadgets but also to solve the environmental problem by reducing “e-waste” — people will buy less and throw away charges.

All this, of course, at odds with the position of Apple. However, no way to respond to such an attack in her direction she can’t, and the European market is still strategically important for it and leaving it because of the use of the Lightning connector would be unreasonable. Meanwhile, it is nearing September, when usually conducted presentations of new…

Experts believe that Apple may brilliantly solve the accumulated contradictions, abandoning the connectors in their devices at all. The use of wireless charging will allow you to bypass the legislative innovations of the EU, but it is unlikely to make it convenient to use Apple devices conveniently at the household level – there will always need wireless charging.

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