Witness: lack of oxygen caused George Floyd’s death

Witness: lack of oxygen caused George Floyd's death

Former Police Officer Derek Chauvin’s Trial Continues

A doctor called as a prosecution witness in the murder of African-American George Floyd said that the cause of death was a lack of oxygen caused by the fact that police officer Derek Shovin pressed his knee on his neck during the arrest.

“Floyd died due to low oxygen levels,” said Dr. Martin Tobin, an expert on respiratory issues. He works in the intensive care unit of a hospital in Chicago and has written a medical textbook called Principles and Practice of Mechanical Ventilation.

“The reason for the low oxygen levels was shallow breathing,” he added.

Chauvin’s defense insists that Floyd died due to a drug overdose. The pathologist admitted that the cause of death was a stranglehold applied to the detainee.

Chauvin, charged with murder and manslaughter, pleads not guilty.

Tobin commented in detail on the video of the arrest and stated that the actions of Chauvin and another officer, Alex Cueng, were restricting Floyd’s breathing.

Kuang and two other police officers are due to stand trial later this year on charges of aiding the murder.

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