Witness to the conversation will testify against Trump

For the first time, a person who was present during Trump’s conversation with Green will testify before Congress.
U.S. National Security Council employee Lt. Col. Alexander Windman, who was present during the conversation between U.S. President Donald Trump and Ukraine’s President Vladimir Zelensky, will testify before Congress on Tuesday, October 29, as part of an investigation into possible Donald Trump’s impeachment, CNN reports.

Windman was the first witness to be directly present in the Oval Office during Trump’s conversation with Ukrainian President Vladimir Selensky.

A senior White House official plans to tell the impeachment committee that he believes Trump undermined U.S. national security when he asked green for him to investigate his political Rivals.

“I didn’t think it was appropriate to require a foreign government to investigate the actions of a U.S. citizen, and I was worried about the consequences of Ukraine’s support for the U.S. government,” Windman said in his opening statement, which quoted by the TV channel.

Windman also plans to say that he reported Trump’s phone call with the National Security Council’s chief counsel after listening to a conversation from the White House situation room along with other U.S. national security officials.

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“I realized that if Ukraine continued the investigation against Biden and Burisma, it would probably be interpreted as a sub-cover game, which will undoubtedly lead to Ukraine losing the bipartisan support it has so far received. “I’m not going to do that,” he said in a statement.

“All of this would undermine U.S. national security,” Windman added, noting that after the call, he reported his problems to a senior Security Council lawyer.

Recall, Democrats launched the procedure of impeachment of Trump because of the scandal around his conversation with the President of Ukraine.

According to opponents of the American leader, during the call, he tried to influence Zelinsky in order to start an investigation into the activities in Ukraine of the son of former Vice President Joe Biden in exchange for providing financial and military assistance to Kyiv.