World's first. India was able to isolate the "British" strain COVID | TOP-NEWS
World's first. India was able to isolate the "British" strain COVID

World’s first. India was able to isolate the “British” strain COVID

India has become the first country to successfully isolate and isolate a “British” strain of the coronavirus, RIA Novosti reported, citing the country’s Medical Research Council.
“The British variant of the virus with all significant changes has now been successfully isolated and cultured at the National Institute of Virology from clinical specimens collected from those returning from Great Britain. No country has yet reported successful isolation and culturing of the British variant of SARS-CoV-2,” reported the Medical Research Council, India’s top health research body.

British Health Secretary Matt Hancock said in mid-December that researchers had discovered a new form of COVID-19 in the country, which they said was spreading much faster than the previous one. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned of the dangers of the new strain of coronavirus, stressing that it is 70% more contagious than the original version.
In view of this, according to some reports, more than 20 countries decided to stop flights with Britain. Russia announced the restriction of flights with Britain until January 12, 2021.

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Indian authorities checked more than 33 thousand people who returned from Britain from November 25 to December 23, when flights between the two countries were suspended. According to the latest data from the Ministry of Health of India, 29 people have been identified in the country with the “British” strain of the virus.

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