Xi Jinping called to account for coronavirus

Xi Jinping called to account for coronavirus

Indian website Indian Defense News reported the emergence of WeChat (Chinese WhatsApp internal government-controlled) anonymous letters calling for the Commission of a coup in China.

As reports the edition, the letter urges the Communist party of China to convene the Congress on which you want to remove XI Jinping from power and bring him to justice for the epidemic of the coronavirus. It led to the upheaval of the economy and almost completely stopped exports.

The letter followed accusations of the President of China:

Since then, Xi Jinping came to power, China’s relations with other countries deteriorated. We gained enemies in the world, soured relations with the United States. Regardless of the current situation in the country, China is spending big money on same Africa. How justified these costs in the context of international relations?

The author of a publication called the journalist from Hong Kong, Chen ping, although he himself categorically denies his involvement in its writing.

The publication of the letter gave rise to the Chinese oppositionists criticized for XI Jinping.

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Commenting on the anonymous letter, a well-known dissident Xu Zhiyong wrote to the Chinese leader:

You are not Putin, and certainly not a trump. Do you consider yourself a fan of the Cultural Revolution (the ideological and political campaign in China, launched by Mao Zedong – approx. ed.) but you are not truly “left”. You are inclined to militant nationalism, but you are also not “hawk”. You are a big “nothing”.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that the emergence of this kind of stuffing is unlikely to somehow affect the situation in the country and to undermine the position of China.

Please note that yesterday on the border of the Chinese provinces Hubei and Jiangxi was a mass collision. Residents were unhappy with the ban on travel because of the quarantine.

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