Xiaomi gets patent for smartphone with compartment under headphones

By | July 29, 2020
Xiaomi gets

The Chinese manufacturer received a patent for another interesting idea. We are talking about the body of the smartphone, where there is a compartment for storing wireless headphones. The idea itself is quite interesting and, for sure, will interest many, because the wearing of a charger case for headphones is considered by many to be onerous.

At the same time, you can remember the already famous mobile phone SERVO R25, sold for 57 dollars. At the top of it, there is a lid where you can place headphones. When TWS headphones are placed inside, they immediately start to receive a charge. However, in the case of the smartphone, the task was more difficult. Smartphones are much thinner than a button cell phone. Both ideas have a lot in common.
Xiaomi 2
However, Xiaomi engineers did a great job. They have developed special headphones in which the speakers have rotary mechanisms. In one position they can be inserted into the ears and listen to music, and in the second store on the phone. Interesting and other – on the front of the likely novelty, there is no “eye” front camera. Most likely, it will be placed under the screen.

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