Xiaomi registered trademarks Xiaomi Auto and Xiaomi Automobile

Xiaomi Auto and Xiaomi Automobile

The Chinese company Xiaomi takes on everything that can be profitably sold, for everything that is in demand. In this regard, the Chinese show remarkable flexibility and adapt to the market context better than many competitors. Probably, this is a large share of the success of this company, which over several years of development has grown into a giant with several areas of activity. But even having reached heights, the brand does not get tired of discovering new horizons.

Soon we can get to know Xiaomi in a completely new and unusual quality for this company. As a car manufacturer, for example. The company’s commitment to following this course stems from its recently acquired rights to two new trademarks – Xiaomi Auto and Xiaomi Automobile. They were issued by the National Patent Office of China. By itself, this may mean nothing other than some interest in the automotive industry, but when combined with other information, it clearly indicates preparation for real action.

So, earlier on the Web, information has already appeared that the brand is not only interested in this direction, but is also going to start producing cars. The curator of the project has already been appointed in the person of Wang Chuan, who previously performed well in the Xiaomi TV division. Now this information has been supplemented with a new one – Xiaomi has contacted Great Wall Motors and negotiations are close to completion. All the details may already be agreed upon, but the masses will find out about this a little later. Probably, a sensational statement will be made already on March 29 at a special event.

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The news was positive – Xiaomi’s stock price jumped 6%. There are expert opinions about what kind of cars Xiaomi will produce using the power of Great Wall Motors. Most likely, these will be electric cars designed for a wide audience. It is expected that their prices will be more affordable than the same Tesla offers. Probably, the price of a production car from Xiaomi will not exceed the $ 20,000 mark.