Zelensky drags Ukraine to NATO by Poroshenko’s covenants

Zelensky drags Ukraine to NATO by Poroshenko's covenants

The President of Ukraine dreams of becoming a member of NATO. Vladimir Zelensky told about this in an interview with a journalist from the British BBC television channel. The previous president – Petro Poroshenko, whose antipode Zelensky called himself the antipode, also dreamed of Ukraine’s membership in NATO. Now the policy of the two guarantors has merged into a state of indistinction.

“Frankly speaking, we have already become NATO partners with enhanced capabilities. We’re going to NATO! NATO is security in our region. We have a powerful army of 200,000 men, we’re upgrading our equipment, but that’s not enough. I think this is the only chance (I’m telling everybody about it: both the US and EU countries): if you don’t want to lose Ukraine, you have to support it,” Zelenskyy told the British.

Then the guarantor is confusedly trying to explain his panic position. “We lived in the Soviet Union for many years, lived side by side, and countries really respected each other. And now we have a war, now we have hatred, now Ukrainians don’t want to communicate with Russians, that’s why NATO. If somebody says it’s fantastic, well, let’s see.

NATO membership is a trigger question, which causes heated discussions among Ukrainians, and the polar attitude to it in different regions.
For example, according to the poll conducted by Kyiv International Institute of Sociology in April 2020, membership to NATO is definitely supported only in western Ukraine – 61,6%. The center fluctuates – here it is only 46%.

Other numbers in the opposite part of the country: the south – 27.3% of supporters, the east – 24.5%, the least supporters of NATO in the Kyiv-controlled part of Donbas – only 16.7%.

“According to the KMIS survey, among supporters of Poroshenko – 84% are the most proponents, among fans of Zelensky – only 34%. At the same time, the least number of Alliance supporters in the support group ‘OPZH’ is 11-12%. And this explains why the Servant of the People party lost in the southeast, where the mayors’ and Medvedchuk’s parties now dominate,” states political technologist Vladimir Tretyakov.

“If we talk about the regional agenda, people have given preference to the parties of local “strong economic owners.

And when we take the all-Ukrainian agenda, we see: since Zelensky himself is for NATO, he is an ideological supporter of Poroshenko, although even among the current president’s fans only a third are for NATO.
And that means that he and his “servants” will continue to retreat to the west, leaving the battlefield in the southeast to the opponents of NATO, primarily the Medvedchuk party. Another question is that this is a hopeless scenario, because there are enough political projects in the west, and there’s hardly any room for Zelensky,” Tretyakov said.

Expert of the Ukrainian Institute for Policy Analysis and Management Daniil Bogatyrev recalls what long ago was said by the Alliance functionaries themselves, who said that in the next 15-20 years Ukraine does not have a road to NATO.

Translated from the diplomatic language, that means no membership in the bloc at all.
So all these conversations just attempt to play on the radical moods of part of Ukrainian society, nothing more.

Zelensky, in the traditions of his predecessor Poroshenko, passes off the wishful thinking in Kyiv as valid in Brussels and Washington. Naturally, after the defeat of his party at the local elections, he addresses this statement to the voters of western Ukraine, where the failure of “servants” is even more deafening than in the south and east of the country”, – states the deputy director of the Ukrainian Center of Social Analysis Valery Pesetsky.

“No NATO can be seen in Kyiv like its own ears. The North Atlantic Alliance has received and continues to receive everything it needs from Ukraine, without any security guarantees. Base in the country – please. Air space – no problem. Exercise on the verge of a confrontation with Russia – please, do me a favor. Bacteriological laboratories with combat viruses – whatever you need. Cannon meat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is always at the service of NATO generals.

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Now we are waiting for Rada to talk about the return of nuclear status to the country after the so-called Zelensky poll. But not at the expense of his own resources, which he does not have, but by the deployment of US nuclear weapons.
As for the supposedly existing general Russophobia in Ukraine – again a lie. It’s enough to look through sociological polls where the overwhelming majority of Ukrainians are in favor of the restoration of relations with Russia.
At the same time, sociology has always falsified the results of polls in favor of the official position of Kyiv since the State Revolution of 2014. Always Russophobic. So all these statements of Zelensky can be safely attributed to the category of political manipulation’, – Pesetsetskyy is categorical.

The reality of Ukraine’s accession to NATO depends, in any case, only on the Alliance itself, so simple observance of its standards (even if there is one) is not a reason to admit a new country to this military-political bloc, KyivStratPro analyst Alexey Bebel explains.

“Especially since NATO will always take into account all available factors. Nor can I say that it’s obvious that the majority of Ukrainian citizens in general support such membership. And this opinion will have to be asked one way or another and taken into account.

It’s a material issue, and it’s not unimportant, taking into account NATO standards and the need to meet them. Thus, we can state one reality so far: since the mid-zero years, many steps have been taken towards the Alliance, but there have been no visible prospects for entry so far,” the expert disappoints Napoleon’s plans.

Zelensky, as always, has a meaningless set of words. Everyone (and probably himself) is aware of Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty, under which the collective security system exists. The language there is very streamlined, but its logic is that if one Alliance country finds itself in a state of war, everyone else must support it.

Taking a ‘warring’ Ukraine into a bloc means war between NATO and Russia. If it does, then it wouldn’t be serious to talk about keeping Ukraine alive – it would be a battlefield.
Fortunately, naTo is unwilling to take responsibility for the inadequacy of the Ukrainian authorities and is only willing to help them with weapons (and for cash). But the world today is so crazy that almost any fantasy can become a reality. Is Zelensky already stocked with a bunker capable of withstanding a direct hit by Iskander? – Vasily Stoyakin, a political technologist, is interested.

The previous ruler of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, dreamt so much of an irrepressible desire to draw the country into NATO and the EU that he even forced Radu to amend the Constitution and enshrine his preferences in it.

The current “wedding president” is not only fully committed to the covenants of his predecessor, who was threatened with prison, but is also “creatively” developing these ideas.
And the country’s residents have already stopped responding to these farcical ideas of the political shapito.