Zombie cells live in the human brain after death

Zombie cells live in the human brain after death

An interesting and even shocking discovery was made by researchers at John Garvin University. They, studying the brain, found cells in it that are able to live and develop after the actual death of the human body. Cells have already received the frightening name of “zombie cells”, which, to a certain extent, accurately conveys their essence.

When a person dies, in the first minutes his brain cells also stop working, turning into the decaying matter. But these cells not only continue to live and perform their functions but also show an increase of tens of percent in relation to their initial state. And this, according to scientists, is quite understandable, because we are talking about glial cells.

They are designed to cleanse the brain after suffering injuries such as a stroke or oxygen deprivation. Death deprives the brain of oxygen, which makes glial cells become active – they reach their peak growth 12 hours after death. However, immediately after this, there is a decline in their activity and subsequent death. This confirms once again that a person, being a complex biological system, cannot be static even after death.

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